xyz studio design


Currently you may find our product at many fine stores in Manhattan and San Francisco.
You may contact us via email
for a list of those stores


Of course our design studio
"loves" to design!
If you have a project we would
enjoy hearing from you.
In recent years our forte has grown in the
representation of iconic city images.
This same talent
can be applied to any individual structure or to
Chicago, Memphis and points beyond.

Many times museums or locales only offer a photographic view of those most memorable icons, but
XYZ STUDIO offers another, more interesting option.

is a small independent design studio dedicated to offering a unique creative style. Our style adheres to design principals not often found in the
"mainstream" cookie cutter product selection available in every store.

Across the country or the world our products appeal to those
with discerning taste and style.

We have been in business for almost 20 years, selling only to stores.
Now for the first time we are offering our line on-line.
Our notion is that style conscious souls populate the entire world.
We know you are out there, in small towns, suburbs, islands
or in countries we've never visited.
The XYZ STUDIO line is now available to anyone.

Our shipping is calculated at cost via UPS,
with sales tax added for California residents.
anyone requiring USPS service wil be accomodated
per your order instructions.

If you are a retailer and would like to order
our product you may contact us for details.